Sunday, November 01, 2009


Every morning

I brainstorm

On new ways that I can

Be better.

I muse over dreams from the night before

To calculate their divinity.

I breathe deeper

To clean the air for my fellow man.

Stand up straighter,

On tip toes,

So that I can get a better view of the sunrise.

Smile with

Eyes closed


Laugh with

Head back,

So that You can see

That I feel Your gaze…

[…though I am sometimes too shy to look back.]

I think of how I can write

With more insight,

As to not waste the light that peeks through

Your partly open door.

Exercise the talents and gifts I have

As an avenue to decrypt a portion of Your delight.

I’ll devise future plans;

Make room for love to have its way in me,

Because all I

Really purpose to do

In life is

Make You smile.