Saturday, February 06, 2010

Heart of Fire.

Caressing a fire,
Your heart glows bright in my arms.
The tips of my fingers
Trace carefully along the heated seams
Close to rupturing its zealous rays.
In moments where I grasped too quickly,
Clenched too harshly,
Your love seared my flesh;
Left an impression past skin & bone.
I retract my grip
And react in pain;
Gritting teeth and regretting that
I wasn’t more careful.
Soon after the tissue cools
I notice that
You’ve forever left a mark;
A permanent tale-tell sign.

I’ll always walk this earth with a piece of the sun
Because I’ve loved you.

1 comment:

NaturallyAlise said...

this is absolutely beautiful... it is speaking to some things I am going through right now with the dissolution of a very dear relationship... you said it a lot better than I ever could...